Robert Craven, Findaway Adventures
Robert Craven
Managing Partner
Findaway Adventures

Robert Craven is well-known for building award-winning, high integrity products, brands, and businesses and for being deeply focused on making a difference in the lives of other people. The former CEO of MegaFood and Garden of Life has successfully worked with entrepreneurs, private equity, and large CPG companies to facilitate rapid and profitable growth. In addition to delivering high-growth results, Robert advocates for transparency, innovation, and building award-winning cultures.

Robert is co-founder and Managing Partner of Findaway Adventures – a hands-on angel investment platform. Findaway Adentures exists to improve the world by providing more opportunity for young, change-the-world companies and their founders. The firm brings money, strategy, and retail expertise to help accelerate young, impactful CPG companies. For this they take equity stakes in companies, helping them bridge the gap between friends & family money and next level venture capital. Learn more on: