Personalized Nutrition Initiative

Growing digitalization of our entire world, and the wearable technology revolution, may mean that the personalized nutrition revolution may soon be upon us. While mainstream adoption will likely be slow, the area is already a massive focus for research and development and has led to a huge number of start-ups, tech incubators and investment activity from major industry players.

This award looks to celebrate the best new initiatives in personalized nutrition. Whether it’s using -omics data to provide personalized plans, or combining data from wearable devices with nutrition insights, we want to hear from the best and brightest initiatives and projects looking to develop the personalized nutrition space.

    Our judges will base their decision on the following criteria:

    • A genuine consumer demand, healthcare or nutrition problem, or health and wellness goal
    • Evidence of a consumer or political interest in the initiative, product or project
    • Truly personal: Evidence that the initiative will provide truly personal insights
    • Scientific and technological feasibility of the initiative, product, or idea
    • Commercial potential or success: Evidence of commercial interest, success, or potential market applications (if not yet launched)
    • Evidence that the product works for its specified use, where possible this will be product specific research, however research citing the main active ingredients solely will also be considered.
    • Whether the idea, product or initiative has potential to be a ‘game changing’ innovation in the developing personalized nutrition space
    • What gives your product the ‘X factor’ – something that makes it stand out from the crowd and edge out the competition (including evidence to back up claims)

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    The cost to submit an entry for this category is $199.

    2022 Entry Submission is now closed.

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    • Once all entries have been received they will be reviewed by the NutraIngredients-USA Awards Judging Panel made up of independent judges from the industry.
    • The three finalists will be confirmed and notified in May 2022.
    • The winner will be announced during our online awards presentation on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.