David Keller, DPM, MBA, Keller Consulting Group
David Keller, DPM, MBA
Keller Consulting Group

David Keller, DPM, MBA, of the Keller Consulting Group. The Keller Consulting group is focused on foods (ingredients and finished products', dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company will help companies plan and execute all IP, regulatory, due diligence and clinical study projects. Previously, Dr. Keller was the Vice President of Scientific Operations and began with Ganeden Biotech as a consultant in 2003 and has remained with the company for over thirteen years. Dr. Keller oversaw all science related aspects of the company. This included all clinical trials (which resulted in over 25 published papers), regulatory (4 FDA GRAS notifications, as well as multiple international approvals), quality control, as well as the companies' IP portfolio.