Nathan Gray
Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray is an industry analyst and consultant with extensive expertise in the food, nutrition and wellness sector. An experienced communicator and industry analyst, Nathan has expertise in food technology, nutrition science and wellness trends. He is passionate about innovation and scientific discovery in nutrition – and in particular the microbiome, sports nutrition and personalized nutrition.

Nathan is Managing Director of Nutraceutic, a UK-based consultancy specializing in content, market insights and innovation strategy. He is also Director of Science and Technology at the Global Prebiotic Association and Trust Transparency Center and is a regular contributor to Microbiome Post.

Previously, Nathan worked as Senior Editor at NutraIngredients – covering the functional food, supplements, and wellness space, and co-ran the European content team for William Reed’s Global Brands Division. Between 2010 and 2020, he worked across a variety of roles and regions within William Reed, including managing NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator in Europe, overseeing the development of BeverageDaily and DairyReporter globally, working on the launch of NutraIngredients-Asia, and driving the creation and long-term development of industry-leading events including Probiota, Food Vision, the Sports Nutrition Summit and the NutraIngredients Awards.