The Hector Lopez Excellence in Sports Nutrition Science Award

This award is dedicated to the late Hector Lopez, MD, a larger-than-life member of the sports nutrition community. Hector dedicated much of his professional career to promoting scientific substantiation in sports nutrition and the wider dietary supplements category.

This category rewards the best game-changing sports nutrition research projects and studies that advance our understanding of how nutrition can enhance athletic performance and wellness.

Judges will look at how your sports nutrition study has the potential for a positive impact on the nutrition industry, based on the following criteria:

  • How the research project is designed to bring about an impact or change that makes a difference
  • Whether the research has provided solid scientific evidence to demonstrate a unique nutritional solution to this need or problem – including peer-reviewed data to back up these findings
  • Evidence of good research methodology, analysis, and findings consistent with best practices
  • The potential for commercial applications or wide-sweeping changes in the industry on the back of research
  • What gives your research project the ‘X factor’ – something that makes it stand out from the crowd and edge out the competition (including evidence to back up claims)

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Entries for The NutraIngredient-USA Awards, Hector Lopez Excellence in Sports Nutrition Science Award, needs to focus on research specific to the sports nutrition category, and is open to entries relating to published studies designed for dietary ingredients or dietary supplements to enhance athletic performance, aid recovery, improve sports-related cognitive function, and so on.

Non-sports science related research projects should be entered in the " Nutrition Research Project " category.


This category is free to enter.


The extended deadline to submit an entry is Monday, April 10, 2023, at 11:55pm CT, Chicago.


  • Once all entries have been received they will be reviewed by the NutraIngredients-USA Awards Judging Panel made up of independent judges from the industry.
  • The three finalists will be confirmed and notified in May 2023.
  • The winner will be announced during a virtual awards' presentation on on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.