2022 Winners & Finalists

The 2022 winners were announced on NutraIngredients-USA.com during a virtual awards' presentation on Wednesday, July 13.


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The 2022 NutraIngredients-USA Awards winners & finalists are:

Ingredient of the Year

Ingredient of the Year: Beauty from Within
  • Nutroxsun®, Monteloeder USA - WINNER
  • Keranat, Robertet
  • Zeropollution®, Monteloeder USA
Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function
  • VitaCholine®, Balchem - WINNER
  • Cognizin® Citicoline, Kyowa Hakko USA
  • SynBalance® KeepCalm, SynBalance
Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Aging
  • LactoLycopene, Cambridge Nutraceuticals - WINNER
  • ampli-D®, DSM
  • Lute-gen®, Bio-gen Extracts
Ingredient of the Year: Prebiotic
  • Livaux®, Anagenix - WINNER
  • Arrabina 300, Comet
  • MicrobiomeX®, BioActor (distributed by Seppic)
Ingredient of the Year: Sports Nutrition
  • HydroCurc®, Pharmako Biotechnologies - WINNER
  • BC30™ Probiotic ( Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), Kerry
  • NEM® eggshell membrane, Stratum Nutrition
Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management
  • Slendacor®, PLT Health Solutions - WINNER
  • MOROSIL™ Sicilian blood orange, Moro variety, Bionap
  • SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, Roelmi HPC

Product of the Year

Product of the Year: Botanical
  • David Winston's Hawthorn Solid Extract™ , Herbalist & Alchemist - WINNER
  • Red Yeast Rice, SunWay Biotech & XYMOGEN
  • Saffron, NOW
Product of the Year: Immune Support
  • Daily Immunity Supplement, Stem & Root  - WINNER
  • d.velop™, Hologram Sciences
  • ImmuSynergy 6, Sovereign Laboratories
Product of the Year: Omega-3
  • Mindset, Struct Nutrition - WINNER
  • Forest Remedies Multi-Omega 3-6-9 Gummies, Neptune Wellness Solutions
  • Omega 3 vegan DHA & EPA 450 GOLD, Biogena
Product of the Year: Probiotic
  • DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic, Seed Health  - WINNER
  • GBX Fit, Amare Global
  • Omni-Biotic® Hetox, AllergoSan USA
Product of the Year: Sports Nutrition
  • Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot, Beet It USA - WINNER
  • Collagen Synthesis™, SaltWrap
  • Testosterone Elite, Life Extension

Specialty Awards

Editors Award for Industry Initiative of the Year

Vitamin D & Me!, CRN Foundation - WINNER

Innovations in Women’s Health Award
  • Caronositol Fertility®, Kerry - WINNER
  • Affron®, Pharmactive Biotech Products
  • FenuSMART®, Akay Natural Ingredients

Rick Kingston, PharmD, SafetyCall International & The University of Minnesota - WINNER

Nutrition Research Project
  • Identifying a New Natural Immune Ingredient with Clinically Proven Health Benefits, NutriLeads - WINNER
  • Effects of Bacopa monnieri extract (Bacognize®) on stress, fatigue, quality of life and sleep, Verdure Sciences®
  • Innovating Nutriterra: the plant-based Total Omega-3, Nuseed Nutritional
Personalized Nutrition Initiative

MyChrome Personalized Nutrition Initiative, Nutritional Fundamentals for Health/ MyChrome - WINNER

Start-up Award
  • Chinova Bioworks - WINNER
  • Nourished
  • Uplift Food